Wrap up for trip to the Orphanage

Whenever I recalled the time I was in the trip to LuoYang this past summer in July, I can’t help still being excited about it. It is a fantastic life-changing experience to me.


I got to know LWB about a year ago and through some social activities and information on its website ( http://www.lovewithoutboundaries.com ) , I feel I am stepping into these orphans’ lives at some points and burdened with the kids. They live totally different lives compared with those we typically live. And there is the very place that needs love, attention and help.


I was nervous a little bit right before the trip. I don’t know what I can do to help them, just wanna go and see. I don’t know how to interact with them kinda because I know terribly little about them. And I don’t know how to tap into their lives for the huge difference between us.


It’s amazing that everything was on track for the days I was there. I find I can easily interact with those kids. And my experience is that the body language matters much more than the oral language. For the much younger kids, by touching and smiling, they can discern your love towards them and come close to you. For the elder, by showing your interest in what they play and say makes them feel you are friendly, which helps me to learn more about them. It brings me back to the days when I was their age.


I got to know a girl (MiaoMiao) on the first day and we become good friends. She is 21 and in the second year of college majoring computer. She got problems with the backbone since very young. By taking the surgery a couple of years ago, she is now living a normal life as we do. By her hard work, she managed through high school to college. During summer or winter holidays, she returns to the orphanage and help with the staffs. She was with us throughout the week, helping us with our work.


For the days I was with the elder kids, I was impressed by a girl (XinLu) that I do enjoy playing with her. She is 6 years old and very cute. She got the same problem as MiaoMiao and with surgery, she looks like an average person. We together developed some games with the resources we had and it proves to be lots of fun. It’s really a privilege to me that I can bring happiness to her life. Her giggling is the most valuable reward to me. She will go to school the next year and I am very excited about that.


A large majority of kids in the orphanage suffer physical problems, like cleft palate. Most of the cases can be treated by surgery. They’re also expecting to be in the school just as we do. All of these require lots of money and other resources. As China is developing rapidly, I do hope more and more attention can be arose on this neglected circle of lives. They are supposed to live a life just as we do, but for some reasons, they can’t. By seeing into XinLu’s life, I can see she is optimistic about the future. I am sure the other kids hold the same thing in mind.

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